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Celebrating just a few of the hundreds who have transformed their lives working with us and developing their dream plan.

With our unique one to one support, combined with our tailored approach, we have helped transform the lives of so many people - here are just a few ...

We always protect our client privacy and have gained consent to use the below stories. Whilst we have many more clients who have achieved their goals we respect your privacy and confidentiality.

"I was in very poor health - 90lbs  overweight, T2 Diabetes & Hypertension

With Keto4Living I have lost 60lbs so far, T2 in remission and normal blood pressure

Literally saved from the brink!"


I cannot believe how much you saved me on my shopping to, well worth it!"


Alex O

“Easiest Change I have ever made, still enjoyed my Friday drinks and the food was immense, Never going back to how I was and I know exactly how my body works now.

Thanks for sticking with me, a lot easier knowing i didn't have to worry about a deadline with you guys"

Simon B

“A day of shopping today... Something I always used to dread! Picking up 42 inch chest, XL & L tops and 36 inch waist trousers always made me cry inside a little. 3.5 Months later

Today I purchased 36 inch chest, S tops and 30 inch waist trousers!

Thank You Keto4Living!”

Kalpy K

I very much recommended plan its very affordable! Ive done the keto before and i didn't really lose weight and to be honest its so much info out there it was very overwhelming this simplifies everything im down 7lb in 7 days along with internment fasting

Jay M

Once signed up you will directly be contacted by your personal coach

Highly recommend. There is a wealth of information and recipes. I have not found one recipe that has been difficult or had any hard to source ingredients. If you’re struggling with this way of lifestyle change. Then I would speak with keto4living.

Lynsey W

A great start to bring awareness to how this works. Very responsive to messages and always find the answer you need, I would recommend their services!

Christie V-W

What an Amazing Person, Answered all my Questions and made it so easy for me to get to grips with this lifestyle... Thank You and I will keep it up :)

Jane S

I have tried many diets and never found a lot of them worked or found it hard to stick at! Since starting keto I’ve lost 10lb over a 2 weeks period and feel less bloated and generally feel a lot better 😁keto4living are very supportive who keep in regular contact and provide some amazing recipes 😋couldn’t recommend them enough

Chelsie K

Thank you Al for all your advice WOW.

I feel much more educated and with some new recipes to try. TRIED THE CURRY ALREADY. ! was amazing 😉 I would certainly recommend you and everyone at Keto4Living. Thanks again, I’m sure I’ll be back in touch again soon.

Lynette C

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